20190828 – Applied Physics Supper

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Today was the day when we all got together, rather than the few last night. During the tour and this evening, we realised we were just the same characters as when we started. Eg:the one laying rubber back then, now has his own race-car.
Nicest part, everyone had done well.
Though one missing attendee had aged beyond our years. And one or two must have a painting in the attic.

The evening started well, and improved. Thanks to Doug for organizing us, and putting together an excellent evening. Thanks also to Boyd for managing the finances. Neither an easy task.

The photos below are courtesy of Richard. If you see some faces twice, that was due to Doug’s excellent idea that most of us switch tables after each course, so that we talked with everyone. Worked well.

Somewhere in the mix you will find Doctor Martin, our head of programme and later department head. Therefore a person to be taken seriously.
Told many of us that evening, what an excellent bunch of chaps we were. Then sent a follow-up email to all our group, to ensure the whole group understood the high regard he had for us. The gist is below……
“……..how I admired all the BSc Applied Physics students……
……a course …… the CNAA said was the jewel in the crown of the courses at Portsmouth…..
……all due I think to the performance & reputation of all the students……”

’nuff said.

ps: 2020Apr18 addendum showing our locations