Been quite the country experience. Am thinking of taking up gardening.
Been gardening since father gave us a piece of the garden to manage as we saw fit. Grew everything from garlic to sweetpea flowers. Always did, and still do enjoy pottering around in the garden.
Have trimmed hedges and briars at Barry’s, Fritz’s and Toni’s. Built fence posts. Pruned bushes and borders. Cut lawns.
Now if Barry would only let me ride his tractor-lawnmower, it would be perfect 😉

Also, been a few pints and meals.

Lots of good coffee, Chez Barry. And real food.
In fact, if this was TripAdvisor, I would be giving Barry five stars!

But all things must come to an end.

Heading up to Town on Thursday, for the weekend.
See you there?


ps: as for the bike, sounded a bit noisy for longer than usual. Going in for a service.

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