Arrived yesterday afternoon.

First job, get a‎ replacement SIM card to fit this phone.
Original SIM card was before the nano-size. The chaps in the Eaton centre were weird, last go around. My advice, go to the Bell store at Yonge&Eglinton. Vijay was excellent.

Followed by an excellent steak and red wine supper 🙂

This morning, lined up a few things, then off to run errands. Including my fav Toronto sushi-bar, ‘I Love Sushi’ on Queen…..

Richard Swiecki says:

Good to have you back on Canadian soil but too bad about the beer. BTW better sushi at ToneSushi on Queen near Spadina.

biker says:

That will be spectacular. ‘I Love Sushi’ has outstanding salmon, and competent everything else you see on the plate 🙂