Barry, Toni, Anne, James

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Back in the UK
Back in the UK
Back in the UK we are ๐Ÿ™‚

Barry being a good lad, picked me up.
Lunch enroute.
Bike arrived just before we did. โ€ŽLooking new-ish. Been cleaned as well as serviced. Placed the bike under cover, then unpacked.

We had curry for supper, over at Toni’s.

Friday morning a shout from Barry had me out of bed at 10:30am for a mug of the best cafe au lait in Europe. Followed by Welsh Dragons for breakfast.

Then check the tires and rebuild the bike.
Maybe just replace the handlebar muffs and panniers. Then pack.

Barry’s weather warnings turned out to be overblown.
So arrived at the hotel that James and Anne are staying at, warm and dry.
After greetings we arranged to meet for a drink and supper. Six hours later, job done!

This motorcycle touring isn’t all chats, drinks and meals.
Then again.
Maybe it is ๐Ÿ˜‰

G’night all

Richard says:

Guess you’re happy to be back in the saddle after a stint in Toronto. Thanks for stopping by and happy riding.
Pat & I must stop by Chez Barry one day for that fab coffee.

biker says:

do it!!!