Londinium, Family and New Friends

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A weekend in London is never boring.

Arrived Saturday in the rain, unpacked, checked a few details, just in time for Bridget to swing by.
We had a chat. Glass or two. Then Bridget went shopping and home, despite my offer of supper.

I on the other hand, dropped by at the Ukrainian Club, and ordered potato pancakes. Shared at a table with Mykola. An artist from Ternopil.

Back to my Club for a nightcap with people from L.A., Boston (MA), Berkshire and Cornwall. Chat varied from Nascar to Romans and mines.

Sunday was up for lunch with Lynn and Ian. Happy 35th Anniversary to them both !

Then we all went off to hear Rachel sing with the Collective at PianoWorks. Not only a solo part (executed brilliantly) but Rachel also conducted!!!
A chat and a stroll home to catch MotD2.

Monday up to a full breakfast at the Club. Bump into Rose who is back from Burma. And Patrick to find me a cab.
Now London finds me waiting for the coach to carry me back to Barry’s. Another memory filled weekend 🙂

bikerL says:

Whilst travelling, I was listening to the Museum of Curiosity on BBC Radio. Heard a quote attributed to Einstein (though maybe not) made me smile, wryly.

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity. And I’m not sure about the universe.”

Stephen says:

Leicester 9 Southhampton 0
Lucifer – must be very happy with their new Northern Irish Manager – Brendan Rogers

biker says:

Yup 🙂

And for a few hours we are SECOND in the league.

With more goals scored and a better goal difference than Liverpool 🙂

With Jamie Vardy the TOP SCORER in the EPL 🙂