Clouds, Poundbury and Bournemouth

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Rode over to Clouds Hill, owned by Lawrence of Arabia, as he was known. My highlights were
(a) the shed built for his Brough Superior. Barry’s last motorcycle ride was on such a bike. The shed is empty, as the National Trust would have to find a lot of money to buy one
(b) metallic/shiney covering for the walls in an upstairs room, which apparently was available for free during his RAF days 😉
(c) hearing that he built a pipe to carry water from a spring, across a road, and up into a storage tank. Sometimes it is handy to have a knowledge of classics and archeology.

The cottage is in the Bovington area, a tank training area. So do be careful. There are tanks on the road, with learners at the controls. One passed me on the other side of the road. No harm done. But tanks are wide.

Next stop was Poundbury. Been wanting to visit this place. New development, with a human approach to architecture.
Found a place for breakfast for lunch. Then a stroll. Found a butcher with tiny proper salami and watercress-scotch-egg. And much else.
Back to the cafe for a coffee and tart.

Then ride to Bournemouth. Had swung by this year in April, and stayed closer to downtown. Some good food to be found. eg: Chao Gong for good Chinese food

For tonight, I headed over to Kori for a KimChi soup. Spicy cabbage 🙂

I will be staying here in Bournemouth for a few days, catching up on things.

“Goodnight, thank you, and may your God go with you.”