Not All Who Wander Are Lost

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Who would have thought that JRR Tolkein would be relevant today. I have adopted this line, “Not All Who Wander Are Lost” 🙂 Triggered by finding the words in Bournemouth’s pedestrian precinct……

Also found Bournemouth has quite the range of cuisine, from friendly Polish……

……to posh duck, with a view……

……to CRAZY SPICY HOT Schezuan at Little Asia. And I had the medium spicy soup!!!! Or about 10% of the soup, before I gave up. Too spicy for me. Barry, get on down. This is the place for you !!!

My stay in Bournemouth included a day out in London, to celebrate Amelia’s birthday, who is quite the “gadabout”. Recent itinerary included Toronto, Edinburgh and Cape Town. To be fair, that was mostly work. So we had a nice quiet lunch at the VSC, followed by tea at the Ukrainian club.

Took the train up to Town. Now am awaiting a refund from SouthWestern Rail for the trip. Getting to London in the morning. high winds brought down trees, and kept speeds well below max. Delay of an hour or more gives a 100% refund.
So maybe there is an improvement over the old British Rail.

My departure from Bournemouth sent me to Kingston Lacy. Another spot from the National Trust, where I met Greg the biker. He used to ride the F800GS, the slightly bigger-brother bike to my F700GS. How did he know it was my bike? Only the one bike in “motorcycle parking”, and one dude with a motorcycle jacket. Greg recognized the Ontario plates, as has family there. Small world.
NOTE: Greg has a bit more experience than me, when it comes to riding about. You can catch one of his books here on Amazon.

After the chat, tour and a cuppa, I had to choose my next destination. After all, remember, “Not All Who Wonder Are Lost”

Lynn (ex teenage Tolkien nerd) says:

“Not all those who wander are lost”…can guarantee I would be . Favourite poem in favourite “Strider” chapter.
Be interesting to hear how fast your train refund arrives. It happens too often sadly. Some say six months!

biker says:

When I was in the TA, I was always lost. Check with your brother!