Glastonbury, Weston and Bath

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After a night in a four-poster bed, I arrived in Glastonbury. Quite the little town. Motorcycle parking next to the tourist information office, which is staffed with helpful people.

Armed with a map, I settled down to study Glastonbury with a cuppa and a minature pasty. New Age is alive and well in Glastonbury.

Things that I did not expect? Hobbit doors; tools converted into pencil holders; nor the EXCELLENCE of the tour around the abbey ruins.

Looked for a hotel but nothing “a mi gusto”, so booked into Weston-super-Mare.
Now I have to use up some of my “free” nights from Hotels-dot-com, as they are being silly. Come November 27th, Hotels-dot-com will charge me for using up my free night. However, if I download their app then I can redeem my nights without charge. Naughty. Naughty.
Using up my nights made staying at the Royal Hotel very reasonable. The Royal provided a nice supper, good chat (chicken or egg conundrum resolved), and a nice single room with an excellent view.
Prices seemed a bit high for the weekend. Turned out that……
(1) Carnival on Friday – EXCELLENT floats, all seen from outside an excellent micropub, the Cat and Badger
(2) Fireworks on Saturday – always enjoyable, shame about the wind and rain.

The Cat&Badger is a new micropub (where everybody knows their MP). The Black Cat is still around.
As is the Criterion pub (lovely pint of Directors).

Found excellent food at the Food Den. Take out, though a few spots for eat-in. Shades of Lemon Meringue 🙂

And I found a spot to stay until Christmas-time. Only one bedroom. Move in this coming Sunday.

Which left me time to pop over to Bath, and hang out with Len. We go way back, to our Applied Physics days. We were the dynamic-duo in the table-football world. Len also plays a very good game of chess. And we were in the movies together. We reconnected at the August reunion. So I called Len, and we met Thursday evening. Good chat 🙂

Only flaw in the ointment (sic) was the snow on the ride into Bath. Made things a tad chilly. Frozen feet syndrome.

However, Bath itself, is always worth a visit. Lots to see.
Places that I would recommend
(a) The Raven pub – aside from the well-known pies, beers and ciders, there is excellent craic. All topics from BMI, to beers, to mathematics.
(b) The Star Inn – for beers, ciders and Thursday night cheeses. A bit more edge to this pub, though that may have been the late hour.
(c) Antica restaurant – where I had a really nice three-course lunch.

So that is us all caught up.
Unless something splendid shows up, I won’t be boring you with tales of food, rides and theatre.
Oh no I won’t…….

richard says:

Oh yes you will. Hahaha

biker says:

Got me on that one 🙂

RichardH says:

Glad you are staying at my place

biker says:

Me too !
Thank you