A couple of days ago, Barry and I were discussing pies.
First place on my list is shut on Sundays. So we had tea at the Langham.
Suitably refreshed, we walked on, to an old Youngs pub (couldn’t resist), which served a nice stew in a bowl, with a pastry lid. Nice, but not a real pie.

Here is what a proper pie should look like……

Chicken and mushroom.
VERY tasty.
And though this used puff pastry, still tasty.

This is at Holborn Dining Rooms.

ps: #252 High Holborn Street is on the south side, opposite #90. And I am not making that up. Look for the imposing Rosewood hotel, go into the archway, first doors on the left.

pps: The pie room is at the east corner of the building. There you can see people making pies. And you can rent the place out.

Richard says:

What about Cumbraes steak & mushroom pie? Would you like me to ship a few over to you? You can add the mushy peas if you like. Or I’m sure Chef Barry could whip up one for you too.

biker says:

Am sure he could 🙂

As for Cumbraes have already sung their praises. Best steak&mushroom pie ever 🙂

Sad to say, in the land that invented pies, it’s plain hard work to find a proper pie.
Most are stew-in-a-dish with a looose lid made of dubious flaky pastry.
When you find pies, they also have dubious pastry, whilst the filling is 40%air, 50%gravy, and 10%meat.

Hence this post.
Proper pies are almost as rare as unicorns.

ps:Went back to the Wigmore. Had their turkey pie. Also a proper pie

biker says:

And another proper pie at Putney Pies. Bit of a ride on the 414 bus took me to Putney Bridge, just on the south side. Had this beef bourguinon pie, mash and gravy.

Proper shortcrust pastry, and nice filling. The grey topping is poppy seed. Gets an 8 out of 10. The others?
Cumbrae’s steak&mushroom gets a 10
Holborn gets a 9.4
Wigmore gets an 8.9 (would have been higher but for the weird chipolte sausage)

Putney Pies looks like a tiny place. However, downstairs has the bar and seating that extends to the river bank, ie:under the road. Loads of room in the vaults.