“Real” Christmas – January 7th

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The New Year is well and truly in. Christmas trees on the sidewalk.

My time in London is coming to an end.
Monday morning took a walk down to the National Gallery. Lots and lots of pictures. In lots of rooms. Glad I took the stroll, both to and around the Gallery. Confirmed the location of the ManU office. Next door to Langan’s.

Returned to my club on the upper deck of a bus, with a family from Oz. Gave them the top 10 hints on things to see. Well, I have spent 2 weeks here.

My Ukrainian Christmas festivities started at 6pm, in the Ukrainian Club. A crew from Ternopil were there. Marika and Volodymyr remembered me from last year. Nice food. Good company. And carols.

The evening ended in time to get to the cathedral for a night-time mass.

Today started with a visit to the dentist. Teeth needed cleaning. He’s a good dentist, who gives the best explanations. And just around the corner from my club. Perfect.
NOTE: Met the Snow Queen in the waiting room. Lady has lived in Buffalo, New York State, and can now cause snow, just by phoning people 🙂

Lunch at the club.
Then update this blog.

And tonight, an Arab Christmas concert at St. Martin’s in the Field.
Bought the ticket yesterday afternoon, when I popped in for a tea, in the Crypt Cafe.
This will be a different way to spend the REAL Christmas 🙂

Khristos Rodyvsya!!!