Second New Year sees me in Weston Again

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First of all a big THANK YOU to Barry, again. After London he put me up again. Usual pints in our favoured spots. Barry’s best-coffee-au-lait-in-the-world. And a visit to Bombay Sapphire that was outstanding. Really enjoyed their Laverstoke cocktail.

Now the bike has been running roughly. How rough? Stalled in the middle of a T-junction on Saturday, when heading down to Robert&Eilene’s. Luckily, I wait for clear roads, rather than darting out across traffic. Letting the bike run, and filling up with fuel seemed to cure the problem. This was after the bike had been standing for 3 weeks. Had a similar issue when I ran from Weston to Barry’s for Christmas, but much less dramatic. Also went away after a fill-up.
Added some ethanol stabilizer to the petrol on the Saturday. No issues on the Monday, when I started the bike, nor as I rode to Weston. Only interruptions were people chatting with me about Canada 🙂
Have a service scheduled for Thursday in Bristol, so maybe they can see if it is a fuel problem, dirt in the tank, or something else. IMHO it is silly to add ethanol to petrol. Ethanol does create problems. Aside from ethanol’s ability to dissolve plastics and rubbers, it does absorb moisture, which a petrol engine does not like in the fuel. And it is not green, as evidenced by the decrease in mileage and power.
Service was set for tires and brakes, which are getting to end-of-life. Plus a couple of other bits. Turns out to be timely.

So here I am in Weston again.
Same flat.
Same fine view.
Same big hill.

Things to do. But you will have heard of them all before.
Am here for a month.
Come on down.
NOTE: Unlike Spain, there is no spare en-suite bedroom 🙁

Richard says:

Nice to see you’re back in Weston-super-mud. Hopefully the bike will get better after the service.

biker says:


ps: 10degC today