Departure to Valladolid and Logrono

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Aside from the usual, I also saw
– Swan Lake – an AGM for waterfowl, with a real ballerina. I kid you not. It was excellent. As was the ballerina.
Lambretta Scooter Museum – open 11am-2pm, but you have to ring the doorbell. The super nice owner is taking part (again) in the London-Paris bicycle fundraiser.

This morning, up and finish off the bacon via mushrooms and butties.
Ran onto Tyrrells Ford, where I checked the bike and gave it some TLC.
Pint and a chat.
Update this blog.

Tomorrow, on Valentine’s Day, will be lunching with Barry&Toni, then catching the ferry out of Portsmouth.

On Saturday, I was supposed to be going to Santander, but am now going to Bilbao. Adds another 30mins to get to Valladolid. Pity. Much of that will be in the dark. But will get to see Tia Amelia in our usual cafe 🙂

Sunday will see me in Logrono. Home 😉
Usual offer.
Come on down!