Return to Logrono – Otra vez

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My early Sunday morning ride to Valladolid reminded me how I do enjoy night travels.
Even with the temperature dropping to 6degC, and sometimes 2degC. Even with one huge cloud of smoke. Even with bouts of fog, that cut visibility down to yards.
Having roads clear of traffic. The moon in the sky setting the stage. And a posh hotel waiting for me. Magic.

By the time I’d checked in, unpacked and showered, it was near 6am.
Comfy bed, meant I was up at 9am, and checking the bike.
As I was finishing packing the bike, Amelia came over and took me for breakfast. Lots of chat. Especially about her brand new nephew.
Things I’d forgotten about this area of Valladolid:
cathedral started when Valladolid was Spain’s capital. The building had to be scaled back, when the capital moved to Madrid. Hence only one tower, instead of two by the main door
– “Jimmy” is in the Bond Street-esque arcade

But Amelia was due back to London and I had a flat awaiting. So we said our goodbyes.

Amelia to the airport, where her flight was delayed. But home OK by Monday night. And back to work Tuesday.

Mine was a simpler journey.

Straight motorcycle ride to Logrono. One pit stop in Burgos, for the bike and me. Then it was just like coming home.
Parked in the pedestrian precinct, next to a new booth selling roast chestnuts.
Unpacked the bike.
Moved the bike across the street, on the sidewalk, in a “recognised” motorcycle parking spot. One where bikes and scooters park, and no-one seems bothered.
Back in the flat, I rearranged the furniture, and hung up my clothes. Rule of travelling: always setup home, before going walkabout.
Then out for a light supper.
Back home, I showered, and had an early night.
Thus endeth my Sunday.

Monday, up to the sound of gentle rain.
The plan was to take the bike and give it a good wash. Had picked up loads of mud enroute Portsmouth. And there is no auto-wash on the boat. So left the bike where it was. Had no cover, so the rain would help clean the bike.
Ran some maintenance on the laptop, waiting for my “landlord” to arrive.
Then out for Barry’s cigars. But that brand/model is no more 🙁
Consoled myself with lunch. Sushi&stir-fry noodles, by Yoshi.
Had a look for a couple of items, then back home.
Supper was a tapas walkabout. I’d show you pictures but it might add to your cholesterol levels 🙂

Tuesday awoke to a dry day, so took the bike for a wash. Took a bit of work, but it looks MUCH better.
Rode over to BMW and ordered a new rubber. Insert for the footpeg. Left-hand side gets all the wear, and needs replacing. Had already swapped over with the right-hand rubber, so time to buy new. Pickup set for Thursday.
Brought the bike to it’s usual underground parking spot. Supervisor was really nice, as he recognises me as a repeat customer 🙂
Back home I took a nap.
Then out for some basic food shopping. Bakery lady remembered me. First thing out of her lips when I walked in was, “No orange biscuits“. hahaha. I settled on some dinner rolls. Then found some ham.
Evening was spent watching ‘La Dolce Vita’. Program listed the running time as under 2hrs. DLB’s here too. Was just shy of 3hrs. Nicely shot movie, in B&W. But possibly the most boring group of characters ever.

Wednesday and we are all caught up.
Here I am in Logrono. Place setup. Checked out all the regular spots. Not much has changed. Sunshine. Blue skies. Real food.
History and Arts.
Oh yes. NO SNOW.
A guest room, en-suite, with big comfy bed.
Going once…….

jan (with a small j) says:

What a great place, you lucky man! Wish I had some holiday left, Seville will have to do for me….

biker says:

Sevilla, is cute, and has orange trees everywhere.
For outstanding carrot tapas, see
For nice steak and best ever patatas bravas, see