Why the Need for Toilet Rolls?

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In the UK, as of today, the government has locked down the shops, theatres and pubs, but the shortages started last week.
Barry has been searching for toilet rolls this past week.

So how much stuff do we really need?

Luckily the Brits answered that question before World War II started.
Just look at this picture.

This is the amount of protein, sugar and fats you need, for a WHOLE WEEK. That’s right. A whole week. And in some cases (eg: sweets/candy) a whole MONTH.
I’ve seen people in North America eat this in one meal.
But what happened to the Brits under rationing? Infant mortality rates decreased, and life-span increased.
What also happened with this diet, and I quote, “their faeces had increased by 250% in volume”.

This could explain the shortage in toilet paper. Everybody stocking up in anticipation ๐Ÿ™‚

ps: For a smile d’jour, try this youTube video, on toilet roll shortages, down-under from Sammy J

Paul says:

Where’s the beer ration????

biker says:

There was none! You could have as much as the pub would sell you.
Beer is good for you. The real stuff that is. And it was all real back then.

ps: the British government has done what Hitler never managed to do, close the pubs. Shame!

Fritz says:

Hitler indirectly closed the pubs as they introduced licensing hours so the munitions workers werenโ€™t pissed…

biker says:

NoooooOooooOOooooo! And you are a history buff!
I can only ascribe this to the shock of pubs being closed. The government has underestimated the cultural impact of closing pubs. You are living proof.
First licensing hours were introduced in the 19th century in Wales – Sunday closing.
The lunchtime & evening hours that we grew up with, came about in World War I when Hitler was a Gefreiter (lance corporal) in the Bavarian Army. Parliament passed the “defense of the realm act” in 1914, which continued for 91yrs, until 2005.
Now there is a scary thought. Pubs closed until 2111???

Fritz says:

Nobody likes a smartarse

biker says:

Especially when they are right ๐Ÿ™‚