From William Wordsworth, via The Times, and me………

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I wondered lonely as a cloud,
That floats on high, o’er vale and hill,

When all at once I saw a drone,
Controlled by The Old Bill.

I had no fever. I had no cough,
There were no people that I could see,

Yet still it blared ‘Hey you! Sod off’,
So much for England, being free.

ps: as a result of discussions, these points added 2020May19
(1) Original available on Wikipedia
(2) ‘The Times‘ on 2020Apr08 took Wordsworth’s lines and modified them. Thanks to Dick for the heads-up. I carried on from where the Times left off
(3) There is no typo, in the first line of the poem. I am one of the very few, who have been wondering about this lockdown. The cure seems worse than the disease. It did in March. And even more so in May 🙁


jan says:

Wordsworth would approve….(I think)

biker says:

Five weeks have past; five weeks, with the length
Of five long winters! and again I hear
These pundits, rolling from their London flats
With a soft inland murmur — “Once again”


Lines Composed Many Miles from Tintern Abbey