Deaths in England and Wales – the Numbers

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Here are the total deaths by week for this year to date (YTD), showing those over-65-yrs-old to be the only ones really affected……

– Date in USA format = m/dd/yyyy

Here are the total deaths, Covid-19 deaths, and population, by age bracket, in tabular format.
Appears that if you are in the 75-85yr category, you have more chance of dying from Covid-19 than ANY other bracket. Including the 90+yr olds.

The small print……
– Data comes from the ONS.
– Population data is only available for 2018.
– I created the graphs and tables from the ONS data.

Lynn says:

Gotta love statistics, even when really sad….Iā€™m fond of the linear graphs that use the logarithmic scale. Smooths out the anomalies and shows the flattening of the curve more clearly. Cheerier. Soon to be dipping down

biker says:

Here’s hoping that the 75-85yr olds take cheer from the numbers.

There are some 3.5million in that group.

Total deaths YTD, of the 75-85yr old population is 53,132 of which only 7% are due to Covid-19.
That is, 93% died of other causes.

Or even more telling, Covid-19 deaths YTD, of the 75-85yr old population is only 0.1%. And this is the age group most affected.

biker says:

ps: I tried the logarithmic scale, to show deaths vs total population. Without the logarithmic scale, deaths just disappeared into the x-axis. With the logarithmic scale, population, total deaths and covid-19, fitted nicely into one graph, but I felt perspective was lost. Happy if you can prove me wrong !

Stephen says:

Check this out

biker says:

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Just needs a card reader (for accepting payments) and a taser (for those who will not pay)!