Deaths in England and Wales – The Numbers are Dropping

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Here are the total deaths for this Year-To-Date, by week to 2020May01, showing deaths by age.
The numbers are down for the second week……

The orange line is the 5yr average of deaths for the same time period.
This helps demonstrate that there has been an unusual rise in deaths for the old folks.

And that the youngsters are untouched by covid-19.

Just take a look at the numbers.
You have to be 45yrs+++ for covid-19 to make ANY impact on your age group.
You have to be 70yrs+++ for covid-19 to be worse than a regular flu.

BIG QUESTION: Was the covid-19 impact worth ruining the economy, whilst crushing the plans, hopes and dreams of youngsters, and families?
I don’t think so.

When SARS came around, the advice was
(1) wash your hands (especially before eating, or touching your face)
(2) sneeze into your elbow
(3) be careful around old folks, and those who are poorly
Governments could have done the same, this time around.

As for staying indoors?
Being indoors is bad for you……
Need more convincing? The 5yr average of deaths shows a peak during the winter months, with much smaller numbers during summer.
So get outside. Really outside. Into the sunshine, green grass, trees, beaches, etc, and not to the supermarket. Supermarkets are like hospitals, full of sick people, and stuff that has been touched by sick people.

The small print……
– Data comes from the ONS, and is the latest available for this posting date.
– Population data is only available for 2018.
– 5yr average is for 2015 to 2019, and while this is a good indicator it is NOT the same as a forecast. As the baby boomers age, the death rate should be rising. For example, in Spain deaths jumped by 50,000 in 2018, and has been trending up since 2006. See Slide 6 of my 2020Mar27 post
– I created the graphs and tables from the ONS data, using Registered Covid-19 deaths