Deaths in England and Wales – The Numbers Have Dropped !

Here are the total deaths for this Year-To-Date, by week to 2020May08, showing deaths by age.
The numbers are down for the third week……

The orange line is the 5yr average of deaths for the same time period.
And the numbers in detail are……

Spain has the New Normal coming.

Here is yesterday afternoon……

So What’s Next on the Doom&Gloom Side?

Economies slumping. Governments will have to institute austerity measures?
“Thank you health-care workers, now take a pay freeze“.

Police wanting new rules as facemasks mess with facial recognition?

What will become of schools and universities? Going online?

What happens to society? People staying indoors, coming out only to a supermarket?

Goodbye to the “New Economy” in the UK? If you can work remotely, then cheaper workers can do the work from India, China and Vietnam.

Let me know what you think the future holds.


Lynn says:

How come I ended up as an optimist and you turned into a pessimist?!
Look at the cheery graphs on “
(I have the hard back book version, obviously )
Read about plastic eating worms…China banning consumption of pets…
You have wine. All will be well

biker says:

Did you read the “So What’s Next on the Doom&Gloom Side?” sub-title?
I am the one who knows the world is full of lovely people. I have been meeting them all my life. I remember beans on toast, given to me, a stranger, by a very young girl 🙂 Christmas dinners at Robert&Eilene’s that always had “orphans” like me. Mentors throughout my life. Free drinks and meals, just because! People trusting me in their homes. People helping me, when I needed help, even when I don’t speak their language.
Meanwhile, everyone who believes the media, and does not travel, thinks the world is a bad place. They believe that the “bogey man”, of whatever flavour-d’jour/flavour-d’place, is going to get them.
Only in my mantra that “If it’s logical and sensible, it will never happen”.

Alex K says:

I distinctly recall your mantra “If it’s…” both times you stayed with us in Naples. Since then I’ve applied it on numerous occasions…it works, it’s fool-proof and leaves the person standing close by, at least a metre apart (mustn’t use words like ‘close’, ‘touch’, ‘feel’, ‘tactile’, otherwise could get apprehended by the social-distance-keeping squaddies), hearing the same mantra, utterly dumbfounded and me in stitches. I love it. It’s a winner every time. Carry on mantring!