The Spanish are revolting! Protestors were out in Logrono too. Cars, vans and motorcycles, with and without flags, all making noise. Lots of them.

Spain has been an economic basket-case since the begining of the century. Started with a housing bubble, that crashed into the general financial meltdown of 2008.
The economy had been recovering, but the outlook is very bleak. Especially as Spain is likely to approve another extension to the lockdown, and increase taxes, according to El Pais.

The Spanish government locked everyone down. Told everyone that covid-19 is really dangerous, and all of us have to stay indoors. It was our duty, and the only way to keep ourselves safe. The British and Canadian governments have done the same. Many people that I talk to, have taken this lockdown on faith. They believe in the message. And by extension, in the current government.

In Spain, after 10 weeks of lockdown, some people are fed-up. Stuck in-doors with their kids, no money, and nothing to look forward to. They are not happy. Some politicians are latching onto this emotion.

So now the politicians can create two camps: pro lockdown vs blame the government.
The public align with whatever labels the politicians are handing out, and never question the underlying assumptions. No-one looks at the numbers, or creates “Lessons Learned”. Instead, as a wise young colleague stated, they keep repeating their “Lessons NOT Learned”. Everyone is still keyed to defending their position if in power, or attacking the lockdown and those who implemented it, if they are not in power. The populace lines up behind whatever camp suits them.
And so it begins.

In a democracy, people get the leaders they deserve.”

ps: the numbers show that 93% of the deaths are those aged 60yrs or older. Or 24% of the population has 93% of the covid-19 deaths. Those under 60yrs old, ie:76% of the population, have only 7% of the covid-19 deaths. These numbers are very similar to the overall deaths by age grouping. The governments should have known this. The BBC posted the chances of dying back in 2020Mar24. So governments could have designed a strategy at locking down the old-folks, especially those with certain health issues (heart-condition, diabetes, etc). These old folks are probably locked down anyway. In a care home, or because they already stay at home. Younger folk with health issues could have decided whether to stay at home, or not. Everyone else could just wash their hands, and sneeze into their elbows, the way we did for SARS. And life could have carried on. But that would have been logical and sensible.