Go on and tell me that you haven’t missed my photos of food!

I certainly have missed going out, and being pampered.

Quite a few restaurants in Spain opened up yesterday.
Today is cleaning day! So I left Julia to do that, whilst I went out to run a few errands. Which brought me home just in time for lunch.
Went to Letras de Laurel. Across the street/alley from me. Their first customer since the lockdown! Doesn’t get any better 😉

Sat down and had the following……

(1) cold tomato bisque

(2) black pudding hash with peppers, topped with crispy jambon

(3) baby half-ribs with a spoonful of wine-soaked-salt

(4) flan

The wine was a brand new bottle. Started OK and improved as it breathed. Here it is……

Back to Lunch as Usual!


Richard says:

Great to see you back out in the street and eating out.


biker says:

eating IN 🙂

ps: am stood outside the main theatre, all the patios are open and full. Would sit down if there was room.

biker says:

pps: it is 2050hrs, clear blue skies and 26degC

Richard says:

We had really hot temps last few days – 30 + humidity but cooling off to normal temps today.
Porch sitting is great.

biker says:

Porch sitting 🙂 🙂 🙂

Can’t do it on my street, and all the nearby patios fill up as soon as they open!

Richard says:

The early bird gets the seat.

biker says:

I can’t just stand around waiting for them to open.
Then spend the rest of the day, sitting there, watching the world go by with a drink in hand.