Deaths are Up and Down, Again

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Total deaths are up, though the last week of covid-19 deaths (2020Jun05) are down.
Old fogies still the ones impacted by the virus, but ALL OF US have our liberties restricted. And many have had our lives put on hold, and/or are being financially devastated. Should we worry? Listen to this radio show podcast to find out. The link will take you to a comment posted by a friend, high-power consultant, and professor, where another link will take you to the podcast. Please take the time to read my reply.

My concern? If you are British or Canadian, the last 5 generations (20yrs/gen) have only seen democracy. And the last major war was just over 4 generations ago. The Spanish and all Eastern Europeans are at most two generations from experiencing facism, albeit at different ends of the political spectrum. Where do you want to be in another generation?
Don’t think you need to worry?
As per the radio show, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are being censored. All covid-19 postings have to follow the government’s line. The sort of media censorship that was supposed to be restricted to Russia. Maybe we can take heart that in the West journalists are not being killed, yet.

All restrictions and economic devastation is being done with the aim of keeping us safe from covid-19. But the numbers show that Old Fogies are the ones who need to be kept safe. So why are we all in lockdown?
Old Fogies are retired, and most don’t go out much. Typically, Old Fogies have their set routines. So they were in lockdown already.

This week, in England&Wales the total deaths are up, but covid-19 deaths are down.

Here is the graph…..

Here are the numbers…..

At this early stage, it is tempting to think there is some bi-weekly event causing a spike in deaths. Any suggestions?
What could Old Fogies be doing differently once a fortnight?
Going to the Post Office to pickup their pension?