Deaths Decreasing but Leicester Back to Lockdown

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So Leicester, the city, not the football club, is going back into lockdown, because of a rise in coronavirus infections of the under 18’s.

Make’s no sense.
You look at the numbers, and covid-19 is still an old fogies disease.
Kids are “immune”. My quotes, because there have been deaths. But only 12 out of a population of ten and a half million. That in percentage terms is 0.0001%.

84% of all covid-19 deaths are those 70yrs old and older. They form only 13% of the total population.
In other words, all those under 70yrs old, which is 87% of the population, contributed only 16% of covid-19 deaths.
The 80:20 rule means you focus on the 80%, not the 20%.

Guess this is going to be my last covid-19 posting for some time.

Something else is going on.
I am guessing the politicians and bureaucrats have gotten used to telling everybody what to do, and when to do it. Now they cannot stop.
If you haven’t, then it is time to call your MP. This lockdown is not the best approach.

There were questions that I posited three months ago.
How deadly is covid-19 has been answered – only to the elderly. The WHO and Imperial College qualified this, back in March, by adding risk factors for the elderly, such as those with heart disease, diabetes, dementia, etc.
The question of what will the lockdown do to the economy has been answered too – ruins the economy.

This is still a flu. No cure. Never will be. Every year a different flu virus, or three, circulates. This is a nastier version than others, but not the worse that we have lived through. I have shrugged my way through SARS and MERS. Both much deadlier.

For covid-19 there is no vaccine. But remember, a vaccine just triggers your own body’s responses. Basically a training session for the real thing. A vaccine is not a cure. Once you have contracted coronavirus, a vaccine is useless.

Another approach is required.
I have said it before, and I am saying it again, leave the kids alone.
Policy should get back to sneezing into our elbows. And washing our hands.

We only need extra measures when visiting people at risk.
Number one, make sure you are healthy and clean before you visit.
Number two, don’t touch their stuff.
Number three, keep your distance. Don’t go hugging, touching and breathing all over the old fogies.
And on your way out, disinfect the chairs, tables, TV and anything else you may have used. Don’t forget the door, the handle, and the frame.

The latest week’s total deaths are BELOW the 5yr average……

Latest numbers in detail……


richard says:

Yes you are correct by all means. But people are like sheep and they will follow others in their like.

biker says:

But all the evidence points to working together, keeping those in power in check, and doing the right thing, benefits everyone, including yourself.

Oooops. Evidence. When has anybody required evidence. What am I thinking?

Time for a glass.
Happy Canada Day 🙂