UK Wearing Masks While Covid Numbers Decline

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The UK general public has not been wearing masks until this past Friday, 2020Jul23.

Yet covid-19 deaths have been declining since April. And just to re-iterate, NOBODY has been wearing a mask this year……

Total deaths are below the 5yr average these past few weeks………

At the end of June, I laid out an alternative approach, IMHO, a more sensible approach than the lockdown.

So why is the UK introducing masks at this late stage?
There is no logic. The numbers state that 87% of the population is unaffected by covid-19.
I can only offer this thought.
The UK government (amongst others) could be adopting the military approach to group dynamics. You get the group doing pointless and stupid things, over and over again, until the group will do anything the instant they are told to. When told to jump, the only question is “how high”.
So what stupid and pointless thing has your government forced you to do recently?
Wear a mask?
Disrupt or curtail your career plans?
Forced you to stay in foreign lands?
Let me know. Inquiring minds, etc….

June says:

Yes, Friday 24th July, was wear a mask day here in the UK. I wonder how many of us rushed out to do a big shop on Thursday 23rd? I know I did!

Personally, I think we are all far more aware of pathetic attempts of mass (masked) manipulation than given credit for.

“Tommy” “never did and never will”

biker says:

Hope you are right. Last night I heard a rumour of a return to full lockdown, come September/October.

Doug says:

There are (IMHO) just three types of people:

– Type 1: those who only accept theories which are backed by solid evidence from multiple independent sources, anything else being mere conjecture. By no means all scientists and engineers fall into this group but those who do are characterised by a willingness to adapt and change their position when new and credible evidence comes to light.

– Type 2: those for whom the idea, or ideal is the only thing that matters. Facts which contradict it are dismissed out of hand and any person brave enough to mount a challenge is likely to face ridicule, threats or even actual physical violence.

– Type 3: those who don’t know.

It appears that a disarming proportion of the second and third types have made their way into positions of authority without the commensurate level of accountability. These are the largely anonymous people that run the quangos, advisory committees and other groups upon which government ministers (usually with limited understanding of technical subjects) tend to depend. This explains almost all of the nonsensical interventions made by governments of all persuasions throughout history, in most countries around the world.

There is a legal and ethical solution that does not involve civil war or atomic weapons – but that’s a three-pint conversation for another day!

biker says:

So about 2% in Type 1, 20% in Type 2 and 78% in Type 3???????

Doug says:

You may well think that … but without solid (numerical) evidence from multiple independent sources I couldn’t possibly comment!

biker says:


almost as if Parliament is a House of Cards