Here is the bike at Heathrow, prep’d and awaiting flight to Canada……

Here is me on the plane……

……..lots of space, eh?

And here is my quarantine hotel room in Mississauga……

Both the bike and I are home – almost.
I have 14days quarantine.
Can only retrieve the bike after quarantine. Then arrange for pickup by the dealer. Once the bike is verified OK for the roads of Ontario, it can be taxed and insured.
Look for me on the road late September.

Paul says:

Welcome home!

biker says:

Thank you!

Stephen says:

Lucifer what happened – why are you back in Canada? Are you going to cause havoc in the Greater Toronto Area?

biker says:

Back because it is time for the next phase.

Cause havoc?
Governments around the world have caused so much havoc with the Covid-19 lockdown, that it is hard to imagine doing anything that would be noticed.