Nearly there with my Motorcycle

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First a BIG THANK YOU to Budds Motorrad, especially John Parker, for taking care of me, and the bike. I have lost count of the number of emails and calls to try and schedule both my return and bike maintenance. And that is just in this year.

John’s parting comment was “good condition, considering the mileage”. Am still trying to figure out, if he was referring to the bike, or me? hahaha.

During lockdown I had researched insurance companies, and how to get a new sticker (road-tax). That was all arranged the day after the bike went into the shop. So am on the road, and legal.

Couple of items were supplied by GP Bikes. This meant a ride out to Whitby, in the sun. Oh the horror 🙂
And chats with fellow bikers.
With a return next week, to pickup the chain-lube (special order here, but everywhere in Europe).
Still, going back to Whitby for an item should be straightforward.

The last item is more of a challenge.
Need to upgrade my TomTom.
A gps is handy. But this one has maps of Europe only.
Must get some maps of Canada and the USA.
But I cannot update my TomTom with this laptop. Last update was in Amsterdam.
Time for a new GPS?
Answers in the Comments section below…….

Paul says:

Why a GPS? Opposed to Google Maps? It works without data if you download the maps.
I may have an old Garmin kicking around, if you are interested.

biker says:

The weather and the vibration.
An automotive gps lasts less than a year on my bike. And is a challenge in the rain (usual practice is to enclose the gps in a plastic bag).
Might have to revisit RadioWorld on Steeles.

GoogleMaps is poorly rendered on my BB. The header and footer take 60% of the screen.
I have NavFree, which also works without a connection.

Met quite a few riders who use their phone. Even helped fix an enclosure for one rider.

At the moment am navigating “old school”.
Planning before the ride.
Writing out a (mental) trip-ticket – a list of way-points, times and distances. In the GTA this is a “gimmie”.

Once I have a gps for North America, have to figure out how to update 🙂