TomTom – GoodNews, BadNews

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Time to take a look at how to update my Rider400 gps.
The ride to Lora Bay convinced me of that.
In my last post, there is no mention of the rain, enroute Lora Bay. I was taking a detour via St.Jacobs. This way. See more of Ontario, in her fall colours. Pickup a house-warming gift, and have a cuppa. Only some light drizzle in the forecast.
Seemed like a good idea at the time.
Leaving Toronto meant heavy traffic and the heavier rain. All the way to Kitchener. For three hours. There were road works. And cars travelling well below the speed limit in the passing lane, just because it was raining.
Rain paused whilst I was in St.Jacobs, where I found said gift, and a cuppa.
Then rain most of the rest of the way. Everything from a drizzle, to 40days40nights.
Once the sun went down, I was riding in the dark, in the rain, on wet unfamiliar roads, feeling the early stages of exposure.
Who says motorcycling isn’t fun! hahahaha!

Time to update my gps.
Seeing the turns before you get there is a major help.
And now that I have learnt my lesson, and check TomTom’s route against Google, there is some certainty that I will arrive at my destination.

TomTom supports WindowsXP again 🙂
So I downloaded and installed their MyDriveConnect software. Still slightly “off”.
(1) The cursor is invisible in MyDriveConnect screens. So you think you cannot make an entry in the login fields.
(2) The drivers required to connect the Rider400 to WindowsXP install, then disappear. My Rider400 becomes “invisible” to my laptop. And the driver fails on re-install. However, MyDriveConnect can recognize and update my Rider400.
(3) Map downloads are susceptible to hiccups, such that I lost all my maps last night. And the update failed this morning.
Nevertheless, here I am, on Friday, 2020Oct23 2100hrs with my Rider400 all up to date. And this last attempt in only 2hrs 🙂

My Rider400 is not allowed to install a map of Canada.

Come on you Dutch!
I’m in Canada – eh!
Installing a map of Canada would be a good thing. TomTom gets money. I get a map. Isn’t this how commerce works?

But we all know better.
Repeat after me.
“If it’s logical and sensible, it will never happen”

Goodnight all.

Richard says:

hahahaha. I still use a map book. Old school I know but it works.