Biking has become a real challenge.

Don’t get this in the Rioja region, nor Portsmouth. Well. Maybe not this early.
This snowfall happened on November the First. ‎Fits in with the standard Canadian paradigm.
The snow and cold will make dining and drinking on an outdoor patio, a bit of a challenge. Hopefully the snow will be gone by tomorrow. ‎More in keeping with the new paradigm for Toronto.

On the bright side, no need for a lockdown.
We all hunker indoors when the snow arrives.
Even though staying indoors is bad for you. Everything from radioactive radon gas, to basic lack of sunshine.
Gosh. I miss riding my motorcycle already.

Paul says:

Quite surprised you returned to Canada at this time of the year… City vs Leeds tonight

biker says:

Not my first choice!
PlanA was to be in Canada this May. A much better time to ride a motorcycle. But was caught in Spain. Which to be fair, in many ways was better that being stuck in lockdown in the UK or Canada.
However, this lockdown will last well into 2021, and maybe until summer 2022.

My options were: stuck in Europe, for an indeterminate length of time, with nothing to do; or return home to Canada, and work on my next iteration.
Not much of a choice.

ps: Leeds will be a tough game

Richard says:

I know how you feel about the bike… like my new ride being put away too after only driving it for a month. But at least I put 5,000 k’s on it.

And as I told you yesterday about Leicester beating Leeds 4-1, and where you can enjoy custard tarts.

biker says:

Thanks for cheering me up!

And thanks for taking me out for coffee in the new ride. Awesome ride.

Richard says:

Come the spring we can do a longer run into the Country with some twisties, hopefully.

biker says:

Sounds like a plan 🙂

Hopefully, Thornbury will still have it’s excellent coffee, the lockdown be over, and the sun be shining.