Just because it is snowing……

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……is not an indicater that you cannot ride.

Of course only an idiot goes out on a snowy, salted road. While snow is still falling.
Guess wot?
This idiot did just that.

Roads were wet. But with the temperature‎ above zero (just), the roads were not icy.
Short ride.

I unloaded the bike, and took in the view.

Underground‎ parking with a washpoint meant I could rinse with a pressure hose and spray the bike with ACF50. Dry, then put the bike to “bed”. Luxury 🙂

With the bike all bedded down, I could unpack and setup my furniture.
Then a bit of shopping.
For stuff.
Then supper. Nice little roti shop. Next door to a Tim Hortons for tea and a crueller.
Good to have a table and chair for supper.

Tyashko na emigratsii

ps: Actually it is hard. Toronto is in “Grey” ie:full lockdown. The bars are totally shut. We can only visit one household. Restaurants are only allowed to do take-out. And yet, all the big-box stores are open. As are all the vices: personal services, alcohol and cannabis.

Richard says:

Not all the box stores. Went to get our annual Christmas tree from Ikea. Closed! But we still did get a tree albeit at a higher cost and no coupon for next year.
Now that the tree is up, Pat the elf can decorate it while I sip away.
Merry Christmas to all.

biker says:

and God bless us, every one