The machines have stopped humming. They were for drying and cleaning the air. Made quite the noise.
Even all three were quieter than a C130, and I have slept on those aircraft.
Quieter than a bomb. And I slept through one in London that awoke the whole neigbourhood, except for yours truly.
Even so, it is nice to have quiet.

Chaps checked for damp on Tuesday. Will report to the management but not concerned. They took their machines away 🙂
Another chap came this morning to give management an estimate for putting back the drywall.
So am just waiting for that and the cleaning under appliances.

But at this point I have finished organising the living area

Once the work is finished, I will put down the rugs.

Bit more stuff compared to my first night. Though if you are in lockdown it is nice to have your stuff to hand.