BlackBerry Classic Anyone?

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My BlackBerry Classic has given up the ghost 🙁
A hard reset gave partial, temporary access to some apps. Right until an error message associated with BBWorld came up during one of the resets. Now the error message appears instead of the Home screen.

Web search turned up ziltch. All fixes assume you can see the Home screen or can connect to a computer. Neither option available for this BBClassic.

For those who have seen the movie ‘G.I.Jane‘, there is a great line “Two is one. One is none”, meaning always have a backup. A lesson that I have learnt in life as well as on my travels.
So I am now using my backup BBClassic.
This second BBClassic will only work properly until 2022Jan04, as per this post

But, I have been using BlackBerry devices happily for many years. Keeping on even as RIM forgot about the keyboard. Keeping on even as everyone abandoned their BlackBerry.
There is something about a real keyboard, that I love.
And the trackpad.
All wrapped up in a tough little device.

So while I realise, that all good things must end, let’s not end just yet. Please.

So here is my ASK……

Anyone out there with a spare BBClassic? Just lying unloved in a drawer? I’d be happy to have that as a backup for the remainder of 2021.

I am located in Toronto, so we can arrange a meet easily enough.
Let me know via the COMMENTS feature of this blog.

Give your BlackBerry Classic to a good home. I will take good care of it. As I have done with the two previously enjoyed BBClassics 🙂

Richard says:

It’s not a matter of giving up but a matter of moving forward including a new computer. Do you still have your abacus? I gave mine up when I was 6.

biker says:

Never give up on things that matter.
Real food.
Real beer.
And a real keyboard, on a real phone, with a real OS.

Richard says:

Isn’t Blackberry now operated by TCL Communication which is run out of Hong Kong? Would not trust them anymore.

biker says:

TCL gave up last year.
There is a Texas start-up promising a new Android Blackberry this year.

Richard says:

Hopefully for you it will come to fruition.

biker says:

Not keen on Android OS. Requires ongoing security patches. And BlackBerry on version 7 when the rest of the world on version 10. Hence the ask for a BBClassic. The last of the BlackBerry OS.

BlackBerry and fruit-ion 😉
Now there’s a morning smile 🙂

Richard says:

IOS is the way to go these days.
An “Apple” a day keeps the virus away.