St.Patrick’s Day should be a joyous day.
It still should be.
But, if it were not for this lockdown, I would be raising a glass in a pub, to Sabine Schmitz.
TopGear made her famous around the world. Trying to beat Jeremy Clarkson’s time of 10mins, in a Jag, around the Nürburgring, but she was driving a van! You can catch a video slice of that episode here
As you will see, Sabina is a driver who is full of life, and I hope we all remember her that way.

Sabine was another victim of cancer. Seems to favour young ladies. At least in my circle. Root cause analysis anyone?

Though I never met Sabine, I have met some of her equivalents.
One in Germany, driving a Porsche and running an Army Shop.
One in Croatia, driving the taxi that took me up to a castle.
And a third, Jan, a long-time friend and an English lady, who drove me back to Barry’s place last August.
Zoom. Zoom. Zoom. One and all. And competent with it.

With Sabine, I will always remember the bit where she is overtaking bikers on the Nürburgring, in a Ford Transit van – “Get out of the way, you English biker blokes” 🙂
Get out of the way indeed.
Am sure St.Peter had to do the same.

RIP Sabine.