TomTom app did not find Cold Break Brewery.

I asked around. Locals know nothing!
Which reminds me – August 7th is “be a tourist in your own neighbourhood” day. Hopefully we will all be allowed out, to wander, and see what has changed, and what is still there.

Luckily there are other breweries.
So I headed out to Port Dalhousie, but wandered off piste. Right by the Cold Break brewery 🙂
‎”I’d rather be lucky than good”

Cold Break has barley wine. Bottled conditioned.
Brought home.
And now a decision to be made. How long before the barley wine is OK to drink? One hour? Or twenty-four?

ps: if you head out, make sure to go to St.Paul Street West, and not St.Paul Street

Richard says:

Nice to see that you are out and about having a fun time searching for a “brew” while there are more serious things at hand and I have bad news for us.


just kidding, hope the ride was nice while I’m still tortured with my little red car not able to get out of “the garbage can”
scotch on the porch anyone?

biker says:

Don’t go all “Canadian”!
ManU fluffed it. A derby game. Fluffed.
Mancunian wussies.

ps: did not wait the hour 🙂

biker says:

ah youngsters.
Young lad told me the barley wine was bottled conditioned.
Not true.

On the plus side, still the nicest barley wine that I have found in Canada.

ps: in defense of the young lad, he is from a deprived childhood. His Glaswegian mother never fed him Tunnock’s teacakes. Or so he told me.