For those who need an excuse, and for all Canadians, Happy May-Two-Four weekend !

As you can see‎, i am celebrating in the time-honoured tradition, with a beer and a curry. On a sunny 21degC day 🙂

Did you spot the year of the Vintage Ale?
yup! A fifteen year old beer!
i enjoyed it.
But cannot think of anyone else who would. Full bodied, with hints of caramel and flat after a few minutes. And 8.5% alcohol.

The world would be a terrible place if we all liked the same thing.

Happy Victoria Day!

Richard says:

And Happy Canada Day to you too. Could not see the year due to a “fuzzy” photo. Hahahaha. Update your camera?

biker says:

if only I could

When I remember, I use my SONY Cyber-Shot U, which is 10yrs older than my BBClassic, the taker of the fuzzy photo. The SONY takes better photos. So, back to the future 😉