For those not aware of the religion called “footie”, various regions in the world are having their quadrennial tournaments. These were to have taken place last year, but were delayed due to covid.

I am following Europe.

The round-robin games left 16 teams to go to the knockout stages.

These 16 teams were reduced to 8 over the last 4 days.
With Spain vs Croatia and France vs Switzerland ā€Ž being the standout games. Spain and France were 3-1 up with 10mins remaining. Croatia and Switzerland fought back to force extra time. Spain scored twice more to win 5-3 over Croatia. But France could not score, and Mbappe missed the 5th penalty, giving Switzerland the win.

Sweden vā€Žs Ukraine was a slow game with a couple of good goals, forcing extra time. Sweden lost a man due to a nasty tackle, forcing a Ukrainian substitution. In fact, Sweden were tackling agressively quite a lot. Especially in extra time. Then 3mins to go a brilliant header by Dovbyk. And Ukraine get to play England in the quarter-finals.
Slava Ukraiini!!!

Robert says:

Am worried in case Ukraine are really Iceland in disguise. Lol

biker says:

Vikings were everywhere šŸ™‚