From the first line of Ukraine’s national anthem…..
“Shche ne vmerla Ukraina, ni slava ni volya” more commonly written as “Ще не вмерлa Українa ні слава ні воля”, translates as “Ukraine has not yet perished, not it’s glory, nor it’s freedom”
The anthem that was played before the game.
A sad game.
England 4, Ukraine 0
Where the BBC state “England produced a magnificent display”.
I don’t think so.
As with Germany, England did not so much win the game, as Ukraine lost the game.

The first England goal, where Sterling threaded the ball to Kane who ran onto it, and scored, was good football. The next 3 England goals merely underscored how woeful was the defending by Ukraine, rather than how “magnificent” was the England play.
eg: Kane’s second goal, he had a free header.

As for attacking? When Ukraine did make a foray towards England’s goal, there was progress. But the forays were few. Very few.

In the previous game, against Sweden, the Ukrainian team kept trying, and trying different approaches.
In Rome against England, Ukraine seemed to have given up. They passed the ball towards their own goal more often then towards England’s goal.

Sche ne vmerla?
Ukraine’s Euro hopes died and were buried last night in Rome.
There was no slava 🙁