So the final of the Euros is Italy vs England, to be played at Wembley stadium in London, 2021Jul11 1500EST.

Italy knocked out Belgium and Spain with some good football, and lots of diving. Just my opinion? Ask the Belgians and the Spanish. There were lots of iffy calls in those games.
However, it worked for Italy. They are in the final.

So why Sterling being Italian?
England were playing Denmark in today’s semi-final.
Denmark scored a cracking goal.
England equalised, in the second half, when Denmark appeared to have run out of energy.
Game went into extra time.
Penalty in extra time decided the game. Penalty was iffy. To say the least. You can see what gave rise to the penalty, here – 2021Jul08 – Oooops. YouTube link broken by UEFA citing copyright. So here are a few viewpoints:

VAR did not display any noticable contact. But the ref did not go over to check.

BBC radio commentators at the match did not think it was a penalty.

Was the ref swayed by the 58,000 England fans, versus the 8,000 rooting for Denmark?

Or did UEFA always want an England v Italy final? Certainly more viewers than a Belgium v Denmark final.

Final thought: I doubt if the Italian or English fans care how they got to the final. I wish them all, buona fortuna, and may the best team win.