2021Aug08 – Bad Boys in Windsor

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Thought that a weekend in Windsor would be a nice time.
Booked into Quality Inn & Suites. Nice big room. Conveniently located for downtown and more.

Then along came these bad boys – the one in the shorts must have a motorcycle, because he stole everything out of my pannier (except for the bottle of coolant), and tried to steal the handlebar muffs (but wrecked one, so left the other).

You can see, behind the date/time stamp, that it only took a few minutes…….

And a few more minutes to go away…….

So if you happen to see the lad in shorts, do see if any of my stuff is available……

Apparently, this type of theft is a common occurence.
Welcome to Windsor.

PS: Thanks to Jesse Luggage for providing new locks.
And Quality Inn for the videos.

Richard says:

Guess you won’t be going to Windsor anytime soon. At least the bike is okay.

biker says:

True, on both counts.
I won’t be going to Windsor anytime soon. Despite the nice perogies.
And the bike is OK.