Jamie Vardy does it again 🙂
Leicester beat Wolves 🙂

That’s two good results for Leicester.

Following our win at Wembley in the FA Community Shield. A game held between the current holders of the FA Cup (Leicester) and current champions of the English Premier League (ManCity).

Arsenal were beaten by Brentford, back in the top tier after 74yrs. That’s Brentford, not Arsenal.
I have fond memories of my time working in Brentford. And Fullers ESB 😉

ManU won 5-1. Pogba has started playing. Must be the last year of his contract, and time to negotiate.
A once Leicester City player Maguire,‎ exposed as the slowpoke he is. Glad we sold him.

Deliah Smith‘s ‎ Norwich City fell to Liverpool. Or Mo Salah, who had two assists and scored the third.

ManCity play Spurs today.
Though maybe we should all be watching Newcastle vs WestHam. Score is 2-2 with 30mins remaining.

Et voila! The season has begun.
Look for lots of intrigue, heartache, and some really good football ( soccer ).

Richard says:

That was a cracker of a match ‘tween City & Spurs.Too bad they did not tie though. Would have been better for “Us”.