Yes, you can take your motorcycle to the Drive-in !

Back to the 1950’s 😉
Drive-in cinema, with bright colours, and formica.
Supper was a hot dog n battered onions .
A green tea to wash it all down. Didn’t get that in the 50’s. hahaha

Took a pannier off the bike for my pew.

Dialed the BlackBerry to 90.9FM.

Watched the latest James Bond movie on opening night. In Canada.
Usual incredible stunts 🙂 🙂 🙂
Wrapped around Bond saving the world.
Lots of references to past movies.
Along with a few quips.

Word of caution: this is a darker Bond, in every sense. And he has feelings.

The movie is 2hrs 43mins long. ‎
Otherwise there would have been another movie.
The other screen had AdamsFamily2 followed by Venom. Not bad for $15.

Best of all, the rain held off till i was leaving. And stopped as I rode back to my hotel through downtown.

Been AGES since I last went to a drive-in. It is fun!!! Good value! And in this day and age, appropriate. If you haven’t been in a while, then GO!!!

Jan says:

I went and saw the bond film too, thought it was good, didn’t seem that long to me!

How are you? I emailed a while back but probably used the wrong email address ‍♀️