Motorcycling Dangerous?

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Not as bad as horse riding, according to this article in

There’s a lot to be said for staying off the roads.

As my ugly brother (he started it) once commented, I am a “careful rider”. And I only managed 172,500km (on two bikes) before a nice chap knocked me off the BMW motorcycle.
A classic case of “I did not see you”. The driver kept repeating “I did not see you”, after the collision, along with apologies.
Hard to say how he did not see me. Motorcycle headlight is always on. I wear a white helmet and a high-vis jacket.
Could be he did not look in the mirrors, or over his shoulder, before executing a u-turn. No indicators either.
Could be he is part of the blind drivers cohort out there.

The collision occurred in early August. In Leamington, Ontario. With the right side of the bike, and me, taking the impact.
Two saving graces are (1) the bike is built really tough (2) today’s riding gear is outstanding.

The good guys at Budds BMW provided a quick-fix for the bike, then a further adjustment.

For myself, just glad that I am “tougher than the average bear”, or as Mother used to comment, “no sense, no feeling”. No broken bones, so I was able to ride afterwards. Wasn’t ideal, but I had a hotel to get to. So I rode on the smaller roads and took it easy. Three months later, much of the pain is gone. I credit TaiChi with that. Meanwhile, OHIP and the insurance company have their processes. I should have an update by February.

My thanks to all the kind people who came along to help.
My sympathies for the lady who called the police. Her brother was not as lucky. He was knocked over by a car driver, and is now a quadriplegic.

Lynn says:

That’s awful! So glad you’re ok.
As the advert in the 60’s/70’s used to say..”think once, think twice, think bike!”. I still do at every junction lol. All drivers should.

Jan says:

So sorry to learn of your accident. What rotten birthday present that must have been. Glad to hear that you and your bike have made good recoveries. You always were a roughy toughy!

biker says:

Robert and me.
Rough and tough.

Robert says:

I always aimed for soft and cuddly. Lol

biker says: