Remembering Upper Canada Brewery

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Upper Canada brewery was a beacon of light in a Molsons/Labatt world of beer.

Those were the days.
Popping in on the way home from church. NB: Remember when only tourist attractions could open on Sundays?
Popping in before the 5k run for carbohydrate loading.
Popping in anytime to pickup some beer, and share the craic.

All ended in the 90’s

I happened to be walking by there today. Struck me that there’s something wrong with a universe that favours Joe Fresh over good beer.

Richard says:

When I had the studio on Mowat ave I used to “hop” over to Upper and buy a case for the studio in case clients got thirsty. Goo ‘ol days they were.

biker says:

Luckily today, Toronto has Granite Brewery 🙂