Merry Christmas everyone.
A time of year where ( I believe ) everyone is nicer.

The photo is of my supper Thursday night.
Mac n Cheese, which despite being “diet-size”, I could not finish. Well, not until later at home.
My favourite strong, small beer.
On the patio, where it was surprisingly warm, even without heaters. In the light fluffy snow.
“It’s begining to look a lot like Christmas”

Best wishes for the New Year.
And a very Happy Christmas, everyone.

Lynn says:

‍⛄️⭐️there’s a theme developing. Just the three of us here. Will need a January detox, lol. Have a lovely time. Xxx

Lynn says:

It missed off my other seven alcoholic emojis !

biker says:

I will try and have a glass for every missing emoji 😉

Merry Christmas

Richard says:

And a Merry Christmas to you.

biker says:

Slainte 🙂