BlackBerry Classic Dead? Not Yet!

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Everyone stated that come 2022Jan04, all BlackBerry devices running their proprietory OS (ie:not using Android), would stop working. Including the CBC on January 4th.

Not true!!!
My BlackBerry Classic does calls, text messages and emails. The native apps all work as before.

Which is great!
I love a qwerty keyboard.
I love the trackpad.
And I like being able to press a button to answer, or end a call.



ps: Catullus would advise against this post, as his gods were always jealous. And I suspect they are around today.

Paul Lear says:

May not be dead, but not long for this world. Put a DNR sticker on it, and move on 🙂

biker says:

There is still real food. In a few places.
And real beer. Admittedly in fewer places.
So why oh why, is it so hard to keep a real phone ?

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light!”

ps: thanks for all the good info on Fongo, and more

biker says:

BB Classic still working 🙂

biker says:

Lost the Data portion of the network, in the wee hours of this morning.
Turned out to be a simple fix to the APN settings.
APN was set to – changed to

Thank you to