the good people just need do nothing 🙁

I’d like you to imagine the briefing to the Russian troops, prior to the invasion of Ukraiina.

General: “Right lads. When you go into Ukraiina, you will meet some Ukrainian troops. They will be motivated. But poorly equipped. Not that well trained. And their leadership will be as good as when we went into Crimea.”

Troops: Grins and more

General: “NATO is preparing to defend Ukraiina. They will be talking a lot. And implementing sanctions. So I want you to think about that. If you have a few billion US dollars hidden abroad, you may not have instant access to your money.”

Troops: Falling about laughing


A tad unlikely?
What do we hear from our leadership?

(1) “We are co-ordinating our response.” Everyone states that as if it is really important. Sanctions are not the Folies Bergère! Leadership is about setting a standard, and getting everyone else up to that standard.

(2) “We are increasing sanctions.” And at the same time, deflecting any questions relating to past sanctions not changing anything. Or as President Biden said, “Wait a month”. Ukraiina has days, not months.

(3) And as I write this, CBCNews is interviewing past NATO commanders. They are saying that we absolutely cannot upset Putin.

I guess Putin is quaking in his boots.