Russia owes it’s seat in the UN, and on the Security Council to an inheritance of the position of the old Soviet Union.
Russia took the spot because 11 of 12 nations from the Soviet Union supported Russia taking over the UN position.
Hardly a ringing endorsement, given the influence Russia had with the satellite nations.
The UN went along.
But, it was not Russia that won WorldWarII, it was the Soviet Union.
Russia is a significantly smaller entity than the Soviet Union. And should have re-applied to the UN.

No-one can argue that Russia is now a rogue state.

The problem is that Russia with it’s seat on the Security Council can veto any UN resolution. The UN needs to find a way to remove Russia from the Security Council.

Talk to your Member of Parliament.
Your government needs to work on Russia’s expulsion from the UN Security Council.

The other way to get around Russia’s veto is for the whole of the UN to vote for actions. This will supercede any veto. That is what Canada’s Ambassador, Bob Rae, stated on TV this morning, that Canada is working for.


NB: Ukraiina had a seat in the UN as the ‘Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic’. Still holds that seat. On 24 August 1991, there was a name change to ‘Ukraine’. There were no other changes to the country.