Welcome to the new century. War is now waged across the internet.

The Ukrainian government has a list of Russian websites that they would like taken offline as part of the war effort. Some of these sites are protected by non-Russian companies like Cloudflare.

Ukraine is asking CloudFlare to drop these Russian clients and remove that protection.
Minister Mykhailo Fedorov of the Ukrainian government sent this letter on Telegram to the CEO of Cloudflare.

The greater the public pressure, the more chance of success.

If you or your company are customers of Cloudflare, let @cloudflare know that you do not appreciate their support of Russia .
Cloudflare lists some of their customers here. Please check, to see if there are any where you have influence. Let those companies know via every means possible such as Twitter, email, support forms, local newspapers, and celebrities, that their IT provider is helping Russian efforts.

NB: We just need Cloudflare to stop supporting “bad” sites, which are any official sites such as VTB bank (vtb.ru) – which Cloudflare can readily distinguish. “Good” sites such as ‘Ekho Moskvy’ may have already been shut down by the Russian government.