Putin’s strategy involves building a land-bridge to Crimea. Which means occupying Ukraiina’s main grain shipping port, Mariupol.
They are almost there.

Putin’s strategy includes an attack on the capital, Kyiv, and the second largest city, Kharkiv. Both near the northern borders of Ukraiina.
They are getting close.

The UN, the EU, NATO and all but 5 countries in the world say this war is terrible, illegal and unprovoked.
Putin doesn’t care.

Sanctions are imposed
Putin doesn’t care.

The world sends humanitarian aid.
Putin doesn’t care.

The world sends small arms.
Putin doesn’t care.

Putin doesn’t care because?
Oil is $120USD a barrel.
Gold is $2,000USD an ounce.

Prices have gone up, up, up since Putin invaded Ukraiina.

Russia exports some 5million barrels of oil a day. Or. The world pays Putin $600,000,000USD everyday.
Which is $150millionUSD more each and every day, since he started the war.

Russia exports some 91tonnes of gold a quarter. Or. The world pays Putin $71,000,000USD everyday.
Which is $31 millionUSD more each and every day, since he started the war.

Why doesn’t Putin care?
He has to pay the army whether they are at war, training, or lounging in their barracks.
And now he is getting $181millionUSD a day more. Every day.
And that is for just the oil and gold.
You can double that when taking natural gas into account.

If we round down, since Putin went to war, Russia is earning $350millionUSD more each and every day.

This is one reason why Putin doesn’t care.

Graeme says:

Just been reading some of your blogs mate and totally agree with your sentiments, this whole thing makes me so angry and a bit helpless at the same time. I even turned down a free Bloody Mary the other day because it was made with Stolnychia !!!
Having known you in the TA, parachuted with you a few times and also being a brother biker, I can only imagine how you feel seeing history repeat itself.
By the way I still remember how to spell your name.

biker says:

Lexx was my preferred tipple when drinking horilka (Ukrainian word for vodka) in Canada.
Though much of the drinking in Ukraiina was with home-made versions. Particular fond memories of the “Under the Hill” bar in Uzhhorod, various places in Delyatyn, and after the opera in Lviv.

For parachuting, I remember you perfected the hammock-like landing in trees. Should get a patent on that!

As for names, I still have happy memories of one camp, where we all signed out as George 🙂