Ukraiina is synonymous with music.
Music for when you are happy.
Music for when you are sad.
Music all the time.

As a kid, I was dragged from choral concert to poetry concert. Poetry and music were always around. I was even put on stage to recite poetry.
As a kid, I sang in the PLAST (Scouts) choir. And more importantly, around the campfire, in the pubs and cafes of whatever spot we ended up in.

Church, school, folk clubs, blues bars, choirs, engineering, rugby and playing soldiers, extended the repertoire, and languages. I even had a guitar, upon which I could manage the three-chord-trek. Everyone had a guitar. Most a piano too.
Singing continues to this day. Though usually on the motorcycle.

Singing is part of the Ukrainian psyche.

So here is a “must have” selection……

Lets start with a hymn,Боже великий, єдиний. Quite literally, a prayer for Ukraiina. Written in 1885, and still needed today 🙁
Has pics of Ukraiina before Putin started bombing & shelling.

The 1863 National anthem

This from time immemorial, is sung at funerals – ‘Forever remembered’ – “Vich-na-ya Pam-yat” –

Sung at all happier times, eg:birthdays – ‘Many happy years’ – “Mno-ha-ya Li-ta” –
NOTE: You can sing these words to pretty much any tune you like.

That was music that every generation will know.

A more recent (1968), and HUGELY popular tune in the whole of the old Soviet Union, and much later, was this Ukrainian song, Chervona Ruta. Can be sung acappella, with a guitar, a band, or an orchestra.
– the original in black&white
– here is Ruslana, in Manchester, with a modern take, and lots of audience participation, at what sounds like a party

And from 2014, and in complete contrast……..
a much louder tune, from the band Тінь Сонця, their album, Грім в ковальні Бога, is this tune, Збої……

Richard says:

You have been busy.

biker says:

Wasn’t me singing in all those “hymns and arias”!
As far as I know, there is only one clip in the world, of me singing. That is my one and only appearance with a few other chaps, and Vesnivka choir. That clip, is on tape, and stored with the Ark of the Covenent.

June says:

I have only just recently caught up with your blog.
A heartfelt and thoughtful account of what is happening and family history.
You are not alone.
And you are doing a good job!
Thanks and Praises to You.
Take good care xxx

biker says:

Thanks for your support.
Do please thank your MP for the all-party support. It is helping, even if not everything that is needed. eg:take out the rockets, artillery and aircraft bombing the cities.
Your MP can be found here