EyeWitness App – OкоCвідчить Aп

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Phones are everywhere.
People can capture an incident right on the spot. Right when it is happening.

However, a video or picture from an ordinary phone is not evidence.
To turn that picture into evidence, you need to ensure there is a trail from capture to law court. To ensure the picture has not been modified, or tampered with.

Guess what? There’s an app for that!

Take a look at www.eyewitness.global/our-work

Please note that eyeWitness is usually used by journalists, or charities that will be in the area where atrocities may be taking place. They receive training in the app, get a password, and when in the field can record what is happening, and upload their recording to EyeWitness servers.

As of today, EyeWitness only runs on Android version 6.0