Debunking Putin’s Claims ref NATO

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Russian speakers often make outrageous claims:
– that they feel threatened by NATO
– that NATO is trying to surround Russia
– that NATO promised not to expand
And many more.

You can read the measured responses, straight from the “horse’s mouth” here –

Tough negotiation tactics are often used. This Harvard post from 2021Oct11 lists the common hardball tactics.
They are appropriate in a one-issue negotiation, because there will be a winner and a loser. No matter who wins, the other side loses. So the idea of negotiating in good faith, with both sides gaining something, does not apply. Either Ukraiina will fall to Putin, or Putin will lose the war. Hence, hardball negotiations make sense to Putin.
And don’t look for Putin to stop. He “stopped” after 2014, but started again in 2022.
Even if he stops again, Putin’s hardball tactics leave him no room to change. Putin has to win. To win, Putin has to take Ukraiina.
Putin will continue with the invasion of Ukraiina. Today. Tomorrow. And if necessary, twenty years down the road.